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Automower FAQ

Does it have a warranty?

Yes. 2 year factory warranty.

Are they safe?

Yes. Each model has several sensors on them to help stop the mower from causing injury to humans or pets. Also, because Automowers have a different method of cutting the grass than conventional mowers, they do not run the risk of throwing out objects that they run over.  

Have Automowers been around long?

Since 1995. Over 1 million units sold worldwide. They out number conventional style mowers (lawn tractor, zero turn, or push mower) by as much as 3:1 in some European countries.

How does it know where to mow?

The Automower uses a wire system, similar to an invisible dog fence, to tell it where it mowing area boundary is. The wire system consists of a boundary loop and guide loop(s).


Do I have to install a boundary wire?

Yes, you have to install a boundary wire. Depending on the size of the working area and complexity of it, you may be able to get away with not installing any guide wires, but we highly recommend installing at least one guide wire.


Are they coming out with a wireless version? 

Yes, Husqvarna has Automowers available that do nor require a boundary wire. These are the EPOS models of Automowers. These models use GPS satellites and a reference station to navigate their working area. As of right now these models need a wide open view of the sky in order to work properly and not lose satellite signal. But they are working on a solution to the issue of signal loss in order to make the EPOS mowers an option for residential mowing areas.   

Is there any kind of theft protection?

Yes! Every current model has PIN code protection. Many models come standard with GPS theft tracking. Current models that do not come with GPS theft tracking can be upgraded to be able to use this feature after purchase at an additional cost. 


Can it mow my hill?

Can your current lawn mower mow your hill? While Automowers are sophisticated machines, remember that an Automower is a lawn mower. So chances are if your current mower can't mow an area of your property than an Automower probably won't be able to either. That being said, there are multiple all-wheel drive models available that can handle steeper hills than the rear wheel drive Automowers.  


Can it mow in the rain?

While Husqvarna Automowers are designed to withstand mowing in rainy conditions if need be, it is not recommended because the wet grass will gum up the cutting blades which can lead to patches of uncut grass. Automowers are not designed to be ran through water puddles and mowing in wet conditions can cause tracks to appear in the grass as well as cause traction issues for the mower among other issues.

Can you use 1 Automower to mow more than one lawn?

Yes! If the lawns are small and connected you can use one mower to mow both lawns. For example, if your lawn is 1/2 an acre and your neighbors lawn is 1/3 of an acre, then you could buy a model rated to handle 1 acre and it would (theoretically) be able to mow both lawns. You can also use the "Profiles" feature available on most models to have the mower mow multiple work areas or lawns without messing up the settings you have entered for your main lawn.


What if I want to add landscaping, or a pool, or a building to my property after the boundary wire is installed? 

Adding items of this nature to your lawn after the Automower's wire system is installed is not a big issue if you locate your wires before digging or building. There are a lot of devices available for tracing underground wires that you can use to locate your Automower's boundary and guide wires. Or you can even use the Automower itself to show you where the wires are located underground.


Can the Automower go through a gate or opening in a fence to get to another area that needs mowed?

Yes, the mower will be able to navigate through the opening in most fence gateways IF properly installed. 

Can mowing areas of 2 or more Automowers overlap each other?

Yes, the mowing area of Automowers can over lap each other and it will not cause an issue. Each mower operates on its own signal frequency or "Loop Signal" from it's charging station. So unless the mowers would randomly collide into one another, they would not know that any other mower exists. 

Can I have more than one Automower paired to my smart phone or tablet?

Yes, with Automower Connect you can have multiple Automowers paired to your account and receive notifications for all of them if there is an error or issue with the mower. 

Where are Automowers made?

Husqvarna Automowers are built in the United Kingdom. Husqvarna's main headquarters is in Sweden, but the main offices and tech support for Husqvarna North America are located in Charlotte, NC 

Robotic Mower Services FAQ

How long have you been selling and servicing Husqvarna Automowers? 

Since 2016. We have attended MANY Husqvarna Automower training classes since 2016 in an effort to stay educated and up to date on everything related to installing and servicing Husqvarna Automowers

Have you sold many Automowers?

Yes! We have sold many Automowers since 2016 to both residential and commercial customers. While we have sold the majority of our mowers in our home state of Pennsylvania, we have also sold, installed, and shipped new mowers in many other states as well.  

Have you installed many Automowers?

Yes! In fact we have installed more Automowers that we have sold. How can this be? Because in addition to installing mowers that we sell, we have also been called upon by Husqvarna many times to install Automowers for them. We have installed mowers for other dealers in the past as well.  

Do you perform warranty repairs?

Yes! We are a Husqvarna Authorized Automower dealer and we are able to perform warranty repairs on any Husqvarna Automowers that are eligible for warranty coverage. We say "ANY" because we do not limit this service to only Automowers that we have sold. If you have an Automower and the proper proof of warranty coverage we would be more than happy to make any warranty repairs for you that your Automower may need regardless of where it was purchased.  

How can I do my own software updates on my Automower?

Unless you have a model that has the FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) you can NOT update your mowers firmware. Automowers that do not have the FOTA feature can only be updated by an authorized Husqvarna Automower dealer. And NO there is no way for us to give you access to the dealer program for performing firmware updates so PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF WE CAN.

Do you offer discounts for purchases of multiple Automowers?

Yes we do offer discounts on purchases of multiple Automowers. Call or email us to discuss pricing if you are considering purchasing multiple Automowers.

Are you the company that former pro wrestling star Snitsky mentions on his social media accounts?

Yes........But it's not his fault!

Are you the dealer that created the high cut conversion kit?

Yes! That's us!

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