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Husqvarna 115 Automowers Are On Sale Now And Here's Why This Is A Deal You Don't Want To Miss!

On November 18, 2022 both versions of the Husqvarna 115H Automower started being advertised at an incredibly low sale price. Now, before we get into the sale price and why this is such a great deal lets first take the time to make sure everyone understands what the difference is between the two versions of the 115H Automower.

  • SKU: 967951105 MSRP: $1,199.99 This is the original version of the 115H and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity only. This means that you can connect to the mower via the Automower Connect app, but only via Bluetooth so you had to be within about 25 - 50 feet of the 115H in order for it to connect to the app. This version of the 115H comes with DIY installation materials (Wire, staples, wire connectors, etc) included. This version can be upgraded with the 4G connectivity feature but that is a $250 - $300 upgrade.

  • SKU: 967951168 MSRP: $1,399.99 This version of the 115H comes with all the features that the original 115H version has but, is also equipped with 4G connectivity to the Automower Connect app. The 4G connectivity allows you to connect to your mower via the Automower Connect app from nearly anywhere as long as you have internet connection. This means you could be in your house, at work, away on vacation, and anywhere in between and still be able to monitor your 115H Automower and change certain settings on the mower all via the Automower Connect app. Bluetooth connectivity is also still an option with this version. This version of the 115H also comes with the DIY installation materials.

Now that you know the difference between the two versions of 115H Automower, lets move on to the sale price. Despite the two versions of 115H Automower having different MSRP's, they both have the same $699.99 sale price. Obviously now that you know the difference between the versions and the MSRP of both there is no doubt that the SKU 967951168 version that comes with 4G connectivity already installed for the same price as the Bluetooth only connect version is the much more appealing deal. I mean who wouldn't want to save $700 and get the better version of the two for the same price that the cheaper version is on sale for? Saving $700, which is 50% off the MSRP, makes the 115H Automower a really great deal for a robotic lawn mower capable of mowing nearly a half acre (.40 is what it is rated for) with mild complexity. But now at the sale price of $699.99 it makes the 115H a great option compared to not only other robotic lawn mowers, but other types of lawn mowers in general.

Here are a few of the popular mowing options for people with lawns of 1/2 acre or less that at the time of writing have an MSRP of $500 or more. These are typically good options, but there is one BIG advantage that the 115H Automower has over all of these other options. Take a look at this list and then we'll get into what makes the 115H Automower a better option in most cases.

Lets start with the Honda, Toro, Troy-Bilt, and Cub Cadet mowers on this list. Yes, these gas powered mowers, and quite a few other gas powered mowers not listed, do cost less than the 115H Automower. But that is only looking at the initial purchase, All of these mowers obviously require gas to run which means going to get gas in a gas can and storing gas on hand. Those are all extra costs and time spent that will continue for the life of the mower. Along with those constant costs you also have oil, spark plug, and air filter changes at least annually. Again, more costs that when added to the purchase price of these gas powered mowers moves the cost of ownership closer to the $699.99 sale price of the 115H Automower. Aside from the cost of ownership of these mowers there is also the noise to consider as more areas start to implement restrictions on noise.

The other mowers on our list are some of the most popular models of battery powered self propelled lawn mowers. Almost all of the models on our list were at or above the $699.99 sale price of the Husqvarna 115H Automower. Unlike the gas powered models of walk behind mowers there are not additional costs of ownership like the gas, oil, filters, etc that gas engine require. As far as cost of ownership with a battery powered mower (When buying in a kit with battery & charger), that price is basically the cost of ownership. Also unlike the gas powered units, there is no exhaust noise to deal with. There are also no engine issues such as oil leaks or carb & fuel problems to deal with. The battery powered walk behind mowers can easily be stored away and transported more easily than the gas powered units because there is no gas involved. The 115H Automower also shares these same advantages that battery powered Self propelled mowers have over the gas powered models.

So, what makes the 115H Automower a better option than the mowers on our list? And what would make it worth spending the extra money on compared to an even cheaper gas powered or battery powered mower than what listed?

  • Ease of Maintenance - The 115H requires a Philips head screwdriver to remove and change it's blades. Gas and battery powered rotary mowers require a ratchet and sockets or in some cases even require power tools to be able to remove the blade if the blade bolt(s) are too tight.

  • Self Charging (Refueling) - The 115H Automower returns to it's charging station on it's own, recharges, and then goes back out to mow on it's own. In the rare cases where the 115H would have an issue docking properly it will send you a message via the app telling you it needs to be manually reset. Other than that it takes care of itself. No need to remove a battery or batteries and remember to recharge them before the next time you want to mow, or have to deal with it in the middle of mowing. And obviously no gas can to store and no chances of spilling gas while "refueling" like with gas powered mowers.

  • Easy To Store Over The Winter - The Husqvarna 115H Automower easily fits on a shelf, in a closet, under a work bench, or other storage spot and takes up less room than a walk behind mower even with it's handles folded down. And no worries or issues from gas being in it while being stored.

  • You Don't Have To Be In Your Lawn While Your Lawn Is Being Mowed! - THIS is the BIGGEST advantage of any robotic lawn mower over all other types of lawn mowers. The freedom of time to be able to do more while your lawn is being mowed. Imagine your lawn being mowed while you're at work, grocery shopping, on vacation, eating dinner with the family, at church, at your kids sorting event or school event, fishing, hunting, playing golf, or anything else you need to or feel like doing. Think about those hot days where the temps are near triple digits and you don't have to be out in the heat while your lawn is getting mowed. Better yet, think of your elderly family members and neighbors NOT having to be out the heat risking their health in order to get their lawn mowed.

The freedom of your lawn being mowed without having to devote time to it or pay someone else to mow it for you is what most people would say is the greatest benefit of an Automower. But we all know that there are people that will say "It only takes me 30 or 40 minutes to mow my lawn with a push mower" and think that it might not be enough time saved to make this seem like a worthwhile investment for them. If you are one of these people looking at it this way, then I have a simple question for you. Is your free time worth as much as your time at work? What I mean by this is if your time is worth a certain dollar amount at your job then why wouldn't be worth as much when you are working at home? For example, if you make $15/hr at your job, then shouldn't that 30 minutes you are spending mowing the lawn should be worth at least $7.50? When you account for the value of your time then you can start to see the value in not spending as much time mowing. Take a few seconds to do the following math. Take the amount of time you spend mowing your lawn each time you mow it and figure out how much money that would equal based on your pay at your job. Then multiply that amount of money by the average number of times you mow in a year. This is a simple way to put a value on your time and gives you a value to compare to the amount of money you maybe saving by going with a cheaper mower that requires more of your time.

So now that you have multiple ways to look at the Husqvarna 115H Automower and what

you get with it/from it for the $699.99 investment you can see why we and many others think this mower is a great deal at this sale price! But just because it's a great deal does not mean its a great solution for everyone. Before anyone thinks that we are crowning the 115H as the greatest mowing solution ever or that we're forgetting that there are several other models of Automowers available, we need to point out a few of of the negatives about the 115H. The most common issue with the 115H Automower is that it has more docking issues than all other Automower models.

The reason for this is simply that it is not as sophisticated as the more expensive models. This is why pricewise the next closest model of Automower in the line up available here in the USA is $1,300 more than the 115H. When the 115H has an issue docking correctly it will try multiple times to dock correctly. If it can not dock correctly with in a few tries it will stop in front of the charging station and send an alert via the app letting you know.

Husqvarna 115H Automower charging station blocked error status on Automower Connect app (Courtesy of
115H Automower Error Automower Connect Message

It will require someone to manually restart the mower via the mower's on board keypad. Of course there are always the possibilities of other errors such as tree branch falling in the lawn and getting stuck under the mower or random debris getting wrapped up in the cutting disk. The good news is that any time the mower is stopped due to some kind of error you will get a notification via the app. And walking out to the yard to reset it will still take way less time than it would take to mow with a push mower or self propelled mower so you are still coming out ahead.

The bottom line with the 115H is understanding what it is capable of and not expecting or asking more of it than that. When you are realistic about what to expect from this mower and consider the price of it compared to more advanced models of Automowers and the cost of time and ownership of other types of mowers then the 115H Automower for $699.99 will indeed be a great deal for many people.

And for anyone wondering about the other residential models of Automowers in Husqvarna's North American line up for 2023, here they are. 315X (While supplies last), 415X, 430X, 430XH, 450X, 450XH, and 435X (AWD).

Husqvarna 115H Automower features and specs (Courtesy of
115H Automower Features


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