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The Husqvarna 415X Automower Is Coming To North America!

Husqvarna announced that the 415X Automower will be available for the United States market in the spring off 2022. This exciting news seems to be getting lost in the shuffle as many people are fascinated about the information slowly coming out about the CEORA model and others are finding out that Husqvarna already has 2 boundary wireless Automower models available (550 EPOS & 550H EPOS) here in America. But the availability of the 415X is bigger news and should be getting a lot more attention than these other models because it is going to be a game changer for the largest part of Husqvarna’s North American Automower customer base. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of Automowers being able to run via GPS and not requiring a boundary wire system is a big advancement, but the EPOS models will not work in over 95% of the residential lawns in the US and there still trying to figure out if it will work at all in Canada. And as cool and game changing as the CEORA model will be, it too is only for commercial use, won’t be available until 2023 from what we’re told, and will have a price tag of just over $30K! So as cool and loaded with technology as those models are, they aren’t going to be useable or feasible for the residential consumer market like the 415X is.

Where Will The 415X Fit In The Current Automower Line Up?

Husqvarna has had several models of Automowers available for consumers in North America with lawns of ½ acre or less. Models like the 115H, 310, 315, and 315X were the most common models to be used on these sized lawns. The 315X was considered the “Cadillac” model of the group because it came right out of the box with the best features out of all these models. The 315X was the only one that came with headlights, GPS mowing capability, GPS theft tracking and Automower Connect until they started offering the 115H with Automower Connect preinstalled. As good as the 315X seemed compared to these other models, it was still a bit lacking compared to the other X series models of Automowers. None of the 300 series Automowers (315X included) or 115H has electric height of cut adjustment. And the 300 series and 115H Automower models require more attention and care when installing them in order to ensure that the mowers dock in the charging station properly. The 415X solves those issues and comes with features that make it a significant upgrade over the popular 315X. In fact, the 415X will have some features not even found on the higher end X series mowers like the 435X and 450X.

Features That Set The 415X Apart From Other Models

  • Electric Cutting Height Adjustment – This is a big upgrade over the manual height adjustment system of the 300 series and 115H because it allows you to remotely change the Automower’s cutting height remotely via the Automower Connect app. And thanks to the electric cutting height adjustment system the 415X has this next new feature......

  • Target Cutting Height – This is a brand new feature for us here in North America. The way it works is you set your cutting height to a desired position between 1 – 9, the cutting system adjusts to its highest setting and works its way down to your selected height over a one week period. For example, you set the mower cutting height at position 4. The cutting motor is raised all the way up (9) and starts cutting at that height. Then it will drop to 8. then eventually to 7 and so on and so on until it reaches the 4 position. This helps eliminate long clippings and extra wear on the cutting system.

  • Frost guard – With frost guard the mower will go back to its charging station if it senses that the temperature is low enough to create frost on the lawn. This prevents damage to the blades of grass. This also helps eliminate those times when the mower could shut down in the mowing area due to the batteries being too cold.

  • IPX 5 Protection – The 415X will be better sealed than other models of Automowers in Husqvarna’s North American line up. In fact, Husqvarna promotes this with pictures of the 415X being washed off using a garden hose which has always been a big no-no with previous models other than the 115H.

  • Systematic Passage Mowing – This feature cuts down on the time the mower wastes bouncing around in narrow mowing spots. Not only does this save time, but it also keeps the mower from killing the grass in these areas from stopping and turning so much in the same spots.

  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) Software Updates – This was a feature previously only available on the AWD models of Automowers. The FOTA feature send software update notifications to the mower owner via the Automower Connect app and gives the owner the ability to have the updates sent directly to the mower. This cuts out the trip to the dealer just to have a basic software update performed on the Automower.

  • Advanced Automower Connect Features – When using Automower Connect with a 415X you will have access to features in the app that are not able to be used with other models. This will help you better control and make adjustments of the 415X to optimize its performance.

  • Smoother Maneuvering & Docking – The 415X uses a wider front loop sensor board with 3 sensors on it. This improves the sensing and reaction ability of the Automower compared to previous models that use the narrow front loop sensor board with 2 sensors. This wider front loop sensor board is very similar to what is found in the 435X and 535AWD models.

After hearing about all of these new features you’re probably thinking that the price will be too high to make it a practical option for a small ½ acre or smaller lawn, right? Well then, you’ll be surprised to hear that the 415X currently has an MSRP of only $200 more the 315X! Husqvarna has the current MSRP for the 315X at $1,799.99 and an MSRP of $1,999.99 for the 415X here in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, the 315X, 315, 310, and 115H Automowers are still good affordable and reliable models that can get the job done. The 415X just gives you a few more bells and whistles that help it perform better and all at not much more of a cost. If you’re the kind of person that loves to take advantage of the 0% interest deals on equipment like this then the extra $200 it costs to go with a 415X over a 315X is only a difference of $4.17 a month on a 48 month loan.

The 415X debuted in Europe in 2021 and quickly became a very popular model among consumers. The positive feedback we’ve heard from Automower dealers in Europe along with the great features at an affordable price are why we think the availability of the 415X is such big news and why we feel that it will have a big impact on the Husqvarna Automower scene here in North America in 2022.


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