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Preparing Your Husqvarna Automower For Winter Storage (Non 115H & AWD Models)

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Proper preparation and storage of your mower over the winter plays a major part in the performance of your Husqvarna Automower the following season as well as prolonging the overall life of the Automower. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting your Automower ready to store away for the offseason.

1. Before bringing in the Automower from the lawn and before disconnecting the Automower's charging station, make sure that the Automower's battery is fully charged. Once the Automower's battery is fully charged turn the off the Automower's main power switch. On most models the main power switch is a rocker style switch located under the rear of the Automower and the switch should be moved to the "0" position.

2. Brush or wipe off any lose dirt or debris on the top and bottom of the Automower. Next, wipe off the the bottom of the Automower's chassis using a rag and a cleaning solution such as that found in the Husqvarna Automower cleaning kit. Make sure to thoroughly clean at the front of the mower where the wires pass through the grommets to the inside of the mower.

3. Once the bottom of the Automower is clean you can now remove any grommets on the bottom of the mower where the wires pass through to the inside of the mower. Do not use any sharp objects or other tools that could cut or puncture the grommets because they will need to be reinstalled. In most cases you can simply pry the grommet out by pressing against it with the side of your thumb. Once the grommets are removed carefully pull the wires through their respective holes in the mower's lower chassis until the plug/connector is exposed. Unplug the connectors and make sure they are hanging out of the Automower's chassis in a way that will not allow them to retract or fall back inside of the chassis. After the wires are disconnected and secured you can place the mower back down on all 4 wheels to remove the Automower's shell.

In order to remove the shell (top cover) from a 310, 315, 315X, 430X, 430XH, 450X, 450XH, 520, 520H, 550, 550H, or EPOS Husqvarna Automower you need to remove the grommets on the bottom of the Automower to access the wire connectors. Photo courtesy of Robotic Mower Services (
450X (450XH) Automower Lower Chassis Grommets

When removing the grommets from a Husqvarna Automower to access the wire connectors you should always use caution not to damage the rubber grommets. Never use any kind of sharp object or tool that could puncture or cut the grommet or cause any other type of damage to the grommet. If a grommet is damaged it can cause it to not properly seal and allow moisture to enter the chassis of the Automower which can cause the circuit boards to corrode. The best way to remove the grommets is to pry them out with your thumb as shown in this picture. Photo courtesy of Robotic Mower Services (
Removing the grommets on the bottom of a Husqvarna Automower

To remove the shell (Top Cover) of a Husqvarna Automower you must remove the grommets and unplug the wire connectors tucked inside the chassis. Photo courtesy of Robotic Mower Services (
Wire Connectors Are Located Under Grommets

4. To remove the Automower's shell you need to hold down on the center part of the mower (STOP button/keypad hatch area) with one hand while pulling up on the front or rear bumper with your other hand. Pull up with enough pressure to unsnap the rubber caps in the Automower's shell from the joysticks on the Automower's chassis. Repeat the process for the opposite end (front or back) of the mower and set the Automower's shell to the side. You can now clean off all the dirt, clippings, and other debris that was trapped between the Automower's chassis and top shell. REMEMBER, DO NOT USE A GARDEN HOSE or soak the mower with water during the cleaning process! The recommended methods for cleaning this part of the mower are a brush or a low powered leaf blower or air compressor. After the large clumps of dirt are removed use a rag to wipe away the remaining dirt.

This is what a 400/500 series Husqvarna Automower looks like once the top cover/shell is removed. The top cover/shell should be removed at the end of every mowing season (or more often if possible) to clean grass clippings and other dirt that gets trapped between the chassis and top cover. The dirt and debris that gets trapped in there can build up and cause the joystick sensors to give error messages that prevent the mower from running. Picture courtesy of Robotic Mower Services (
Husqvarna 450X(H) w/ Top Cover/Shell Removed

5. The next thing to clean is the inside of the Automower's shell. This area can be cleaned using the same methods as used to clean the Automower's chassis. Once the shell is cleaned to your liking it can be reinstalled on the mower's chassis. Make sure that the shell snaps into place on all 3 (300 series) or 4 (400 series) joysticks on the mower's chassis in order to avoid a collision or lifted error when the Automower is started the following season. With the shell firmly attached to the chassis you can now reconnect the wires on the bottom of the mower and insert the grommets back into the proper holes in the lower chassis. Be sure that the grommets are properly reinstalled to prevent any moisture from entering the Automower's chassis and causing damage to the circuit boards inside the chassis.

6. If your Automower is not in need of further maintenance or repairs like new mower blades, replacement tires or wheels, or any other items that would keep it from being ready to mow in the spring, then your Automower is ready to hibernate for the winter. Husqvarna recommends that you store your Automower with all 4 wheels sitting flat on a surface or hanging on a Husqvarna Automower wall hanger. It is also recommended that the Automower be stored in an area that is dry, above freezing and less than 95 degrees to help protect the electronic components and battery.

The process of cleaning your Automower can be aided with the purchase of a Husqvarna Automower cleaning kit. This kit includes cleaner, brushes, microfiber cloth, Phillips head screwdriver for changing blades, and a few other small items all in a convenient case.


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